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Citroën Light 15

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The Citroën  Traction Avant was chosen by BBC'sTop Gear programme as their car of the decade for the 1930's. When the car was launched in 1934 it had an innovative combination of features principal among them being front wheel drive as the french name says, torsion bar suspension, a weight saving unitary steel (monocoque) body, overhead valve engine and hydraulic brakes. The original four-cylinder 1303cc engine was increased in capicity to 1628cc and then to 1911cc before the war. A six-cylinder 2867cc engine was also added to the range.

The Citroën Traction was built in various body styles, the most popular models being the four-cylinder French Onze Normale and the Onze Legere saloons - known in the UK production and British export markets as the Big 15 and Light 15. The numbers relate to French and British horsepower ratings. The 11 Normale or Big 15 is the larger of the two models with more leg room in the rear.

The Autocar magazine review of 1952 described the Light 15 as a driver’s car, somewhat vintage in character, but not wishing to remind its occupants of a gin palace or stately home!

The Light 15 was widely exported in the late 1940s and 50s to North America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the now British Commonwealth.




Rear headroom is 32", rear seat width 49" tapering to the rear to 44".


Overall length 14', width 5' 58", height 4'11"


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